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Invited Speakers

Von Engel And Franklin Prize
Mark J. Kushner, USAPlasma Processing for Microelectronics Fabrication: Will Modelling and Simulation Help Maintain Moore's Law?
Reactive Plasma Award (ICRP)
Alexander Fridman, USAModern Atmospheric Pressure Non-Thermal Reactive Plasmas: from Gliding Arcs to DBD and Jets
IUPAP Young Scientist Award for the Commission on Plasma Physics
Istvan Cziegler, UKFlow–turbulence coupling in magnetic confinement for fusion
General Invited Speakers
Luis Alves, PortugalNumerical simulation tools for plasma chemistry
Jan Benedikt, GermanyMass spectrometry and plasma chemistry of atmospheric pressure plasma jets
Hisataka Hayashi, JapanPlasma etching technologies for semiconductor device manufacturing and future prospects
Francoise Massines, FranceMulti-frequency atmospheric pressure plasma for surface treatment
Stefan Matejcik, Slovak RepublicElectron excitation and dissociative excitation processes to plasma relevant molecules
Richard van de Sanden, The NetherlandsRecent trends in renewable energy driven chemistry for energy conversion and storage: plasma chemistry as the special case
Topical Invited Speakers
Hiroshi Akatsuka, JapanOptical emission spectroscopic analysis for diagnostics of electron density and temperature in non-equilibrium plasmas
Nikolay Aleksandrov, RussiaHigh-voltage nanosecond discharges under non-uniform gas density conditions
Edward V. Barnat, USAUltrafast Laser Diagnostics to Interrogate High Pressure, Highly Collisional Plasma Environments
Zdenek Bonaventura, Czech RepublicStreamer-induced kinetics of the ground and excited states in N2—O2 including highly excited and auto-ionizing states of atomic species
Anne Bourdon, FranceModeling of low-temperature plasma jets at atmospheric pressure
Ronny Brandenburg, GermanyBreakdown and plasma formation in reactive nonthermal plasmas at atmospheric pressure
Nikolay Britun, BelgiumUnderstanding high power magnetron sputtering by combined optical diagnostics
Maria Castela, PortugalModelling non-thermal plasma-flow reactive systems
Laurence Chérigier-Kovacic, FranceStatic and RF electric field direct measurement based on Lyman-alpha emission from a hydrogen probe beam
James Dedrick, UKControl of electron, ion and neutral heating in radio-frequency electrothermal microthrusters
Emilie Despiau-Pujo, FranceMolecular dynamics simulations for a better understanding of plasma-surface interactions
Zoltan Donko, HungaryKinetics of capacitively coupled discharges driven by tailored voltage waveforms
Alexander Fedoseev, RussiaNon- local electron kinetics in a low-temperature low-pressure DC discharge complex plasma
Marcel Fiebrandt, GermanyPlasma Diagnostics for Process Plasmas
John Foster, USASelf-Organization in Atmospheric Pressure Plasmas: Occurrence, Mechanisms of Formation and Applications
David Go, USASolvated electrons at a plasma-liquid interface
Benjamin Goldberg, USAElectric Field Induced Second Harmonic Generation Using Ultrafast Lasers for Measurements in Pulsed Nanosecond Plasmas
Grzegorz Greczynski, SwedenTime evolution of ion fluxes incident at the substrate plane during reactive high-power impulse magnetron sputtering: from gas-ion to metal-ion-controlled film growth
Olivier Guaitella, FranceInfluence of surfaces in the kinetic of CO2 plasma
Vasco Guerra, PortugalTowards a reaction mechanism of non-equilibrium CO2 plasmas
Sung Ha Hong, AustraliaUnravelling the mechanism of plasma interaction with biological material
Bang-Dou Huang, ChinaThe dynamics of the fast ionization wave discharge in different phases: from the breakdown to the afterglow
Tsuyohito Ito, JapanPlasma-assisted inkjet printing
Mario Janda, SlovakiaChemical kinetic modelling of NOx formation in Transient Spark discharge
Kazunori Koga, JapanGrowth Mechanism of Carbon Nanoparticles In Multi-Hollow Discharge Plasma Chemical Vapor Deposition
Igal Kronhaus, IsraelChallenges in Design of Very Low Power Plasma Sources for Space Propulsion
Kinga Kutasi, HungaryThe tunability of flowing afterglow systems based on surface-wave (surfatron) microwave discharges
Sergey Leonov, USAPlasma-assisted control of supersonic airflow
Vida Mildaziene, LithuaniaCold plasma treatment stimulates seed germination by inducing dormancy loss due to changes in phytohormone balance
Miran Mozetič, SloveniaPlasma characterization using catalytic probes
Tomoyuki Murakami, JapanModelling of complex chemical kinetics in atmospheric pressure plasmas
Sander Nijdam, The Netherlands Recent developments in streamer-related experiments
Jun-Seok Oh, JapanDynamic analysis of reactive oxygen nitrogen species in plasma-activated liquid by UV absorption spectroscopy
Osamu Sakai, JapanPlasma metamaterials: present and future
Viktor Schneider, GermanyAn optical trapping system for plasma diagnostics
Giorgio Senesi, ItalyA Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy Perspective in Earth environments
Nikola Skoro, SerbiaPlasma treatment of liquids and applications in agriculture
Eduard Son, RussiaLow Temperature Plasma Instabilities and Turbulence
Yuan-Hong Song, ChinaHybrid simulation of dust particles in a radio frequency capacitively coupled silane plasma
Mi-Young Song, KoreaData evaluation on cross sections of electron-molecule collisions for process plasmas
Gabi Daniel Stancu, FranceDevelopment of advanced spectroscopic diagnostics for reactive plasmas at atmospheric pressure
Katharina Stapelmann, USAInteractions of low temperature plasmas with biological systems for plasma sterilization
Svetlana Starikovskaia, FrancePulsed nanosecond discharges and their applications
Katsuyoshi Tsumori, JapanPlasmas in Caesium-Seeded Negative Ion Sources
Giichiro Uchida, JapanStudies on selective production of RONS and chemical change of amino acids in plasma-treated solutions
Dirk Uhrlandt, GermanyNumerical and experimental approaches to high-pressure arcs with non-equilibrium consideration
Jong-Shinn Wu, TaiwanDevelopment of a Parallel Fluid Modeling Code Using Unstructured Grid and Its Application for Complex Gas Discharges
Lenka Zajickova, Czech RepublicLow pressure cyclopropylamine plasma polymerization studied by plasma diagnostics and molecular dynamic simulations
Special Arranged Sessions
1. Novel aspects of classical gas discharge phenomena
Milan Šimek, Czech RepublicRecent advances in the research of nanosecond discharges in liquid water
Victor F. Tarasenko, RussiaGeneration runaway electrons and formation diffuse discharges in different gases
Pierre Tardiveau, FranceIonization waves in diffuse atmospheric pressure air plasmas generated at hiogh overvoltage conditions
Jannis Teunissen, The NetherlandsA computational study of positive streamer branching in air
Special Arranged Sessions
2. Recent topics of dry processes used in semiconductor industries
Satoshi Hamaguchi, JapanAtomic Layer Etching: its Science and Technology
Keizo Kinoshita, JapanCMOS/MEMS Hybrid Process Integration for Silicon Photonics Devices
Takeshi Ohmori, JapanMachine Learning Applications for Etching Profile Optimization
Mingmei Wang, USASmarter Plasma Etching Processes: Multi-Scale Modelling and Beyond
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